Dover Castle

Extract from History of Kent by Edward Hasted 1778 -
On the summit of one of these cliffs,of sudden and stupendous height,close on the north side of the town and harbour,stands Dover Castle,so famous and renowned in all the histories of former times.It is situated so exceeding high,that it is at most times plainly to be seen from the lowest lands on the coast of France,and as far beyond as the eye can discern.Its size,for it contains within it thirty five acres of ground,six acres of which are taken up by the ancient builings,gives it the appearance of a small city,having its citadel conspicuous in the midst of it,with exstensive fortifications,around its walls.The hill,or rather rock,on which it stands,is ragged and steep towards the town and harbour,but towards the sea it is a perpendicular precipice of a wonderful height,being more than three hundred and twenty feet high,from its basis on the shore.

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