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Page last updated 28th August 2002

All the information on this page is kindly provided by Deb Cross

St. Peter's Marriages, Sandwich, Kent.

Banns Marriage (top portion of the page was filled out but not the certificate)
Banns of Marriage between James Smithers of the parish of Eastry and Mary Shelvey of this parish were published on three Sundays after mentioned Nov-------Dec 6, 1761

They must have postponed the wedding after the Banns were read.

Banns Marriage
James Smithers of the parish of Ash in the county of Kent Bachelor and Mary Shelvey of this Parish (St. Peter's in Sandwich) Spinster were married in this church by licence this Tenth day of April in the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and sixty three.
James Smithers signed
Mary Shelvey her mark
In the Presence of
John Shelvy
John Joslin

Banns Marriage
Banns of Marriage between John Shelvey and Eleanor Anderson both of this Parish were published in this church on the tree following Sundays Jan 16;23;30 1757 Wm Bunce? Rector.
The said John Shelvey of this Parish and Eleanor Anderson of this Parish Married in this Church by Banns this Second day of February in the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Seven by me Wm Bunce? Rector
John Shelvey signed
Eleanor Anderson her mark
In the presence of
William Gospoll?
Mary Young

Banns Marriage
Jethro White of this Parish Widower
Ann Gosby St. Mary's in Sandwich Spinster
4 October 1759
John Shely witness

Banns Marriage
John Wise the Hospital of St. Bartholomew near Sandwich
Jane Tritton Hospital of St. Bartholomew Estrapochial?
Oct 1, 1760
John Shelvy witness

Banns Marriage
Robert Cook ( in bracket behind the name it look like it says "the younger") of this Parish and Susanna Valdear? of this Parish married in this church by banns this Thirty-first day of Aug in the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and sixty-seven
In the Preference of
John Joslin
John Shelvy

The signature of John Shely and John Shelvy appear to be made by the same person. Film # 1850186 (LDS church) near the end of the film if you want to check it out.

I know that the last few marriages are not Shelveys but John Shelvey must have know these people to be a witness at their weddings. I thought you might be interested.

There were a few entries listed from the Parish of St. Mary the Virgin, Sandwich, Kent at the beginning of the film. There was one Shelvey entry. George Shelvey Abode-Eastry Union infirmary buried May 9, 1918 looks like 4 days written in the margin.

All the Baptisms and Marriages from this film are on the IGI but I haven't found the deaths on there.

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